Scanair Humidifiers

Scanair Humidifier manufactured in three types

Cool mist humidifier

Cool Mist Humidifier work by making water vapor through a rapidly turning disk within the water of the humidifier. Because the vapor from the machine is not heated, there is no risk of raising temperature inside the cold room or place.  But the water molecule size higher compare with other models but lower power consumption cost effective to buy the product.

Steam vaporizer humidifier

Steam vaporizer humidifiers is widely used in environment stability test chambers, humidity chambers. These devices are less likely to have a lot of mold and Vapor is made in these machines by using a heating element to cause steam. This method does not cause minerals to be dispersed in the air. So, tap water can often be used with these devices making them much less expensive to operate.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic Humidifier creates vapor by creating ultrasonic vibrations within the water. These were originally thought to be better because it was felt the risk of dispersing bacteria, molds, and a mineral was minimal. However, this has not always been found to be the case. The safety of these devices is certainly better than the steam vaporizers, and they do tend to disperse much less bacteria and mold than the cool-mist humidifiers. However, they are quite efficient at sending minerals into the air, so distilled water must be used with these as well.

The ultrasonic humidifier equipment features high output in water mist available selection from 3 lts/hour to 15 lts/hour, high efficiency in spraying fine mist droplet 1-10 micron with average 5 micron, it is silent, low trouble rate, a relative humidity 99% can be achieved. It is equipped with standard water inlet, water outlet cock and overflow outlet, stainless steel body with painting treatment on surface.

Classification of  ultrasonic humidifier

Manual control system

According to different situations, customers can use single equipment or use multiple equipment working independently. Multiple equipment can be controlled either independently or collectively.

Digital cycle work control system

The automatic cycle control period is between one minute and ninety-nine hours, working time and time period can be set up according to user’s need. Once it is set up, no worker is needed with its continual operation.

Digital humidity automatic control system

The humidity control range is among 1%-100% with error rate of ± 5%. Similarly, it is automatically controlled. Outlet pipe can be reasonably arranged according to user’s requirement. Pipe connection should be airtight.