Air Chiller

Scanair Air chiller is engineered for demanding process of environment cooling applications and incorporates the latest in industry leading designed and control. Packaged with enhanced features and high performance refrigeration components our self contained air cooled and water cooled condensers incorporated air chillers are extremely affordable. Air chillers will maintain the  temperature from -40˚C To + 30˚C ±1˚C with different air flow capacity starts from 300 Cfm To 25000 Cfm specially these chillers are commonly used in on line food processing, spot cooling for paint booth & paint on line process, vegetable, fruits air blast cooling in the harvesting sites. Scanair Air chiller are aesthetically designed to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing, flexibility of design and product adaptability each unit individually constructed to meet your exact specifications these chillers are available from 3000 kcal/hr To 90000 kcal/hr capacity and portable, vertical, horizontal or remote systems available.

Air Chiller to preserve the Biological nature of mushroom cultivation

Air Chiller maintains the growth temperature for mycelium ranges from 15 to 35˚C and the optimum growth temperature ranges from 23˚C to 27˚C. The temperature for fruiting can be from 16˚C to 30˚C and the optimum developmental temperature of fruiting bodies is 18 to 25˚C.  The ideal humidity for casing soil is 60-65%.  The preferred air humidity in a mushroom house is 60-75% for mycelium growth and 70-85% for fruiting body formation and development. Air Chiller maintains a good circulation of air that is required for the development of the fruiting bodies. These conditions, the mushroom can be cultivated for two crops each year.  Each crop can harvest three flushes.  According to the local climate, the farmer can decide the spawning time in the year in order to have mushrooms for harvest within 50 days after spawning.

Air Chiller for Printing / Finishing Operations

Air Chiller for small scale printing, where close control of the environment may not be necessary. Computer controlled electronic printers transport original film and raw film or paper at thigh speeds. The proper temperature and humidity are especially important because in some cases two or three images from many separate films may be superimposed onto one film. For best results, the printing room should be maintained at 40%-50% RH and 20˚C to + 24˚C in order to prevent curling, discoloration, deformation, and static buildup. The mounting of reversal film into slides is also a critical operation of the finishing department requiring 40%-45% RH at temperatures of 20˚C to + 24˚C.

Air Chiller for Candy manufacturing processes

Air Chiller is necessary in candy manufacturing where hard candies often contain corn sugars and sorbitol, both of which are highly hygroscopic. When humidity is high, the product can absorb moisture and become sticky, which can cause it to stick to the packaging machinery and wrapping material, slowing the process and creating sanitary problems. Any coated candy like gumballs or chocolate-covered nuts can benefit from using dry air to speed drying.  In the case of chocolate, high temperatures would melt or dent the products.   With gumballs, the gloss of the coating is enhanced by using dry air, and the product is less likely to stick together in the coating pan.

In general, the highly hygroscopic nature of the ingredients in most candies makes them sticky, runny or moldy when exposed to humid conditions. This inhibits natural flow as the material sticks to high speed processing and packaging machinery and wrapping material, thus slowing the process and creating hygiene problems.

Air Chiller Application Areas

Air Chiller is widely used in Candy manufacturing processes, Spot cooling, Air cooling system, Evaporative cooling, Printing industries, Mushroom cultivation, food processing, Spot cooling for paint booth & paint on line process, Vegetable, Fruits air blast cooling in the harvesting sites.

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