Humidity Controlled Chamber

The complete solution for coordinating all the construction details for humidity controlled warehouses can be challenging.  Scanair Humidity Controlled Chamber makes the job much easier with one source service for panels, refrigeration and installation, if required.  Experienced sales and design personnel will work with you to determine your needs at each stage of construction.  From the first steel beam to the last insulated panel, Scanair, ensures your specifications are met.  Plus, we are always ready to assist with future modifications or expansions. Our flexible, interlocked panelized construction can easily accommodate any arrangement and a variety of heights. The strong, lightweight panels provide optimum insulation, the stability to add on or rearrange, and years of trouble free service. Conveniently located control panel allows easy monitoring of all room functions; with PLC controls provide precise regulation of the simulated environment.

Scanair humidity controlled chamber has been developed that helps to reduce colour loss and to produce high quality pods. The cardamom capsules are placed in the drying chamber, which is at a temperature of 40˚C to 50˚C relative humidity range from 20% to 40% RH should be maintained during the first two hours of drying, a traditional drying chamber cannot achieve these parameters. This is the most important part of the process as it affects the quality of the final product. It is important to dry the cardamom capsules as soon after harvest as possible to prevent the loss of flavor. It is also important that the drying process is as short as possible so that mould does not grow on the capsules and the bright green colour is retained.  The drying temperature should not be above 50˚C as this affects the colour and delicate flavor of the final product.  In most places, cardamom capsules with a good green colour can be sold for a premium price.

Humidity Controlled Chamber for Cardamom Drying

The moisture content of a fresh cardamom capsule is about 85%.  This needs to be reduced to 10% in the dried product so the cardamom capsules can be stored.  If the drying period is too long mould can start to grow on the cardamom. The same sort of lumping and caking of powdered substances previously discussed is also a major problem in the industrial chemical production.  Some chemicals decompose in the presence of water vapor.  In other situations, water vapor can actually cause a chemical reaction that changes the character of the product. Atmospheric moisture is also a natural enemy to many grinding and pulverizing operations.  Water vapor in contact with the product can make it resilient and difficult to grind in pharmaceutical production, causing it to cling to the grinding machine and defy pneumatic conveyance from one process area to another.

Humidity Controlled Chambers Application Areas

Humidity Controlled Chamber is widely used in Industrial drying, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Candy Manufacturing, Fertilizers / Powder Storage Warehouses, Paint Booth and Paint Lines, Agriculture industries , Floriculture industries, Tissue Culture industries, Agricultural Produce Storage Buildings

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