Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors / Fume Collectors / Mist Collectors

Scanair involved in air cleaning and air pollution control problems in manufacturing plants, factories and commercial establishments. Our systems are designed and built to achieve air quality local and federal regulations are made by pollution control board. Our company provide the complete solution and provides custom design and innovative cost effective air cleaning or air pollution control systems to meet your specific needs using the most modern technology available.

Scanair movable, portable, centralized dust, fume, mist collector, has wide ranges of capacity starting from 50 cfm to 3000 cfm single portable package system with single phase 220 V, 50 Hz, Three phase 440V, 50 Hz  options, it will directly capture the dust, fume, mist generating are or ambient with the help of self supporting source capture arms. These machines are capable of capturing wood dust, metal grinding dust, powder coating dust, chemical coating dust, hazardous chemical flying areas, welding work area, fumes, oil mist from the CNC operations machining environments.  And also we design custom built centralized dust collection systems including ducting, dust collection bag, blower unit, all we have taken as a turnkey basis and completing the installation at your end and we do routine maintenance and service.

Call M/s. Santha Engineering for your dust, fume, and mist pollution problems our technical person will inspect your site and applications to understand the needs, and accordingly we will submit our specifications and offer Scanair standard fume, mist collectors deliver a particulate efficiency of 98% at 1.0 micron. When equipped with an optional HEPA filter, efficiency is 99.97% at 0.3 microns.

Advantages of Dust Collectors

  • Wood dust collectors improves housekeeping and reduces maintenance costs by collecting particulate before it settles on floors, walls, ceiling and equipment.
  • Woodworking dust collectors conserve energy by filtering out in-plant emissions and reducing general ventilation requirements.
  • Dust collection systems decrease maintenance time and costs by collecting airborne particulate before it can settle on expensive and delicate controls, the shop floor or other equipment.
  • Industrial dust collection systems conserve energy by filtering out in site plant emissions and reducing general ventilation requirements.

Dust / Fume / Mist collectors Application Areas

Dust / Fume / Mist collectors are widely used in capturing wood dust, Metal grinding dust, Powder coating dust, Chemical coating dust, Hazardous chemical flying areas, Welding work area, Welding fumes, Oil mist from the CNC operations machining environments, Centralized dust collection systems.

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