Spot Coolers

Scanair Spot Coolers are manufactured especially for spot cooling this can be used to dehumidify a building, dry out wet concrete or keep you likely at a comfortable temperature at working spots. Spot Coolers unit can be moved from room to room or positioned strategically to cool high temperature working spots welding areas air craft field service area aluminum die casting furnace areas, foundries, suiting sports, stadiums, areas that require consistent temperatures.

Scanair Spot Coolers are optimized for high capacity cooling or use in close to room temperature conditions. Various models can also include heating, dehumidifying, cooling capabilities.  Capacity start from 3000 kcal/hr, 1 Ton To 45000 kcal/hr, 15 Ton capacity available on caster wheel so it can be moveable and installed wherever you need them.  For many industries and companies, in a wide variety of applications, Spot Coolers are the answer to controlling both energy use and capital expenses.

Spot cooling is a method of cooling overheated areas within a larger area, as opposed to providing general cooling by means of a remote centrally controlled air-conditioning system. In operation, spot cooling is an extremely efficient means of cooling people, processes, and equipment because it directs a localized stream of cool air exactly where it is needed. The concept of spot cooling is not a new idea, but the use of Spot Coolers to accomplish localized cooling within work environments and equipment rooms is an effective solution to many difficult cooling problems.

Spot Coolers Application Areas

Spot Coolers are widely used in Spot cooling, Portable cooling, Industrial air conditioning, Spot air conditioning for spots welding areas, air craft field service area, aluminum die casting furnace areas, foundries,  sports  stadiums.

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