Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Scanair Swimming pool Dehumidifier designed and manufactured as per customer requirements. We produce stand alone Portable model units, Ductable ceiling suspended units, Indoor Floor Model units, Ductable out door installation units are available. Scanair Dehumidifiers are specially designed for high efficiency triple stage evaporator heat ex-changer for optimum level moisture removal capacity in lower power consumption. It will maintain the Swimming Pool environment at 45% RH and  temperature in winter 28˚C, in summer 26˚C with the help of PLC Controlled actuator solenoid valve system for comfortable environment. Packaged with enhanced futures and high performance refrigeration components, in built with maximized heat ex-changer to get high performance heat transfer efficiency. The quiet, internal spring mounted hermetically sealed compressor provides years of reliable service. Their low profile and compact design allows for easy placement in tight areas.

Controlling indoor swimming pool room humidity and room air temperature a stabilized room environment is achieved by the dehumidifier. Very little outside air, and the energy to heat or cool it, is needed.  Conventional indoor pool room systems waste huge amounts of energy by exhausting large volumes of previously heated or cooled air to the outdoors. Most times the air replacing the exhausted air contains more moisture than is ideal for an indoor swimming pool room.  This process destabilizes the indoor pool room causing unpleasant conditions to exist.

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Scanair Dehumidifying Systems

Scanair Dehumidifying Systems primary function is to protect the investment you made in your indoor swimming pool room. Normal ventilation systems are hit or miss propositions at best.  They waste huge amounts of energy consumption and only marginally protect your indoor pool room. Installing a dehumidification system is the most important step in removing the excessive moisture from an indoor pool enclosure. A properly sized system will automatically maintain the correct relative humidity. If so equipped, a dehumidifying system also recovers and recycles energy back to the air space as a by-product of free heat.

Efficient dehumidification will not take place if the air distribution system is not properly designed. If, for example, the supply air is channeled over the water surface, it will accelerate evaporation, as well as causing bather discomfort. Another serious problem associated with a poorly designed distribution system is uneven air disbursement over cold outside surfaces. This results in condensation on exterior walls and windows that is both unattractive and damaging. Condensation forms as the warm, moisture filled air come in contact with cold surfaces, such as outside walls and windows and interior furnishings. When the moisture in the air reaches the dew point temperature on a surface, it condenses. To prevent condensation from forming, the surface temperature must be much warmer than the air dew point temperature.

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