Single Skin Air Handling Unit

Single Skin Air Handling Units are designed and engineered with filter section, blower section, cooling section, heating section has per customer requirements.  The total unit fabricated from superior quality galvanized steel sheet with powder coated paint finish.  The unit is of the frame and panel type construction which allows all access panels to be opened or closed without affecting the structure of the unit. Liberally sized filters are constructed in filter section for worst environment dust conditions will capture major dust particles. The filter configurations with 20,10,5 micron pre filters and 3 micron main filters are available with cassette type, flange type, bag filter types.

Blower sections in Single Skin Air Handling units are designed with forward, backward curved centrifugal blower dynamically balanced direct and belt drive options are available. The higher capacity above 5000 Cfm blowers will come with Ac drive it will automatically adjust the air flow as per load conditions. Cooling section will constructed with aluminum fin and tube type, DX coil or chilled water coil heat ex-changer installed in the system those copper pipes are in grooved pipes for higher heat transfer efficiency.

Single Skin Air Handling Unit Uses

Heating coil section maintaining high temperature or dehumidification purpose these coil are made of top grade aluminum fins and copper tubes mechanically expanded to the fins to provide optimum heat transfer efficiencies.   These machines are generally used for commercial building ventilation, pharmaceutical granulation, coating process areas, chemical reactor environments, automobile assembly, painting booth, metal polishing, foundries, and plastic injection molding facilities.

Air handling units are manufactured and assembled to recognized industry standards and they will normally achieve the air leakage test classification specified when carried out in accordance to the HVCA specification Guides DW 143 and DW 144. However, due to the stresses, strains and forces imposed during loading, transportation, off loading and site positioning, the air handling unit structures will move and panel seals will not always remain fully intact. It is therefore likely that re-sealing of the panels and joints may have to be carried out on site for the air-handling units to achieve the required leakage classification.  Door locking mechanisms may also have to be adjusted.

Single Skin Air Handling Unit Application Areas

Single Skin Air Handling Unit is widely used in Food Processing Plants ventilation, Indoor Swimming Pools ventilation, Clean Rooms ventilation, Textile Plant ventilation, commercial building ventilation, pharmaceutical granulations, Coating process area ventilation, Chemical reactor environment ventilation, Automobile assembly area ventilation, Painting booth ventilation, Metal polishing ventilation, Foundries ventilation, plastic injection molding area ventilation.

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