Environmental Stability Test Chambers

Scanair table top Environmental Stability Test Chambers offer flexibility, uniformity and control accuracy required for cost effective testing for a variety of products. Ideal for testing smaller products such as computer components, automobile sensors or cellular phones, these chambers combine superior performance with compact design that is perfect for research and development or personal point-of-use testing. Available in several sizes, the Table top chambers allow you to cost effectively selects the exact chamber that best meets your environmental test criteria. These chambers can be mounted in an instrument rack or will easily sit on a laboratory table top. Depending on configuration, table top chambers can provide a temperature range from -70 to +180°C and rapid temperature change rates.

Humidity Control Floor Model Stability Test Chambers

Scanair Environmental Stability Test ChambersScanair Temperature and Humidity Control Floor Model Stability Test Chambers are design and manufactured with precision and engineered for challenges. Capacity starts from 12 cft to 36 cft and a choice of temperature ranges of 40°C to – 70°C, ±0.2°C resolution cascade refrigeration system. These test chambers are designed to accurately duplicate natural environmental temperature and humidity conditions for applications such as stability testing of foods, drugs, adhesives, electronic components etc.

The models feature precision microprocessor based controls and efficient mechanical air convection for exceptional uniformity and control of temperature and humidity. Interiors and exteriors are of corrosion resistant 304 or 316 L stainless steel. Standard nickel chromium heating elements deliver long life and efficient heating and an automatic over temperature safety limit prevents excessive temperatures and possible damage to workload or equipment.

A uniform air distribution system sweeps the chamber walls to insure consistency of chamber environment providing gentle horizontal air flow in the product area. Chambers are insulated with pre compressed glass wool, which is fireproof, non hygroscopic and impervious to corrosive vapors and fumes. Doors have full neoprene casketing and mechanical latch for tight, leak-free closure. Modular, microprocessor controls are convenient and easy to use, with high-visibility LED digital read outs of temperature and relative humidity. An optional microprocessor control features re-transmit capabilities for remote data acquisition via RS232/RS485 ports.

Scanair solid construction Walk-In chambers

Scanair solid construction Walk-In chambers offer broader performance ranges and are designed for your specific test application. Welded and insulated walls are able to withstand extended temperature and humidity ranges and allow for faster temperature change rates than Walk-In panel chambers. Solid construction Walk-In chambers have a temperature range of -70°C to +200°C and can withstand 20% to 95% RH. An ultra-low humidity package is also available.

Our Walk-In panel test chambers offer flexibility and versatility in chamber design and manufacture. Designed for fast and easy installation from light-weight and easy to handle prefabricated panels, chambers allow you to create a work space to meet almost any testing or size requirements. Even more, the modular construction allows you to change the size and configuration of the chamber to meet your changing testing needs. Walk-In panel chambers are able to provide temperatures ranging from – 70°C to + 200°C and 20% to 95% RH. A low humidity package is also available.

Conditioning modules also available in a variety of configurations. Flexibility of the interface allows you to mix and match box sizes and modules to meet individual test requirements. Conditioning modules are pre designed with the conditioning plenum and refrigeration machinery mounted on a common base. If our standard module sizes fail to meet your needs, we would gladly design a custom configuration for you. Chamber construction; design and assembly are closely supervised. Operation verification tests are run on every chamber prior to shipment, ensuring a high-quality piece of testing equipment arrives at your site fully operational and ready for installation.

Scanair Environmental stability test rooms

Scanair Environmental stability test rooms are ideal for steady state temperature and humidity testing, stability and shelf life testing, cold room labs, and incubation. Rooms can be designed to include heating, refrigeration, humidification, dehumidification, and lighting to accommodate a variety of applications. Scanair in environmental rooms control allows you to specify an environmental room in any configuration to perfectly fit your needs. From conception, our engineers will work with you to analyze your requirements, develop an efficient system, and design a room that is logical in application as well as sturdy, durable, and functional.

Our flexible, interlocked panelized construction can easily accommodate any arrangement and a variety of heights. The strong, lightweight panels provide optimum insulation, the stability to add on or rearrange, and years of trouble free service. Conveniently located control panel allows easy monitoring of all room functions; with PLC controls provide precise regulation of the simulated environment.

Application Areas of Environmental Stability Test Chambers

Environmental Stability Test Chambers are widely used in areas like Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, R & D Labs, Automobiles industries, Plastic industries, Rubber industries, Satellite research centre, Space research centre.

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