Room Dehumidifiers

The highly efficient and compact Scanair room dehumidifier utilizes refrigeration and internal air circulation to cool the incoming air stream below its dew point. After helping to cool the incoming air, the processed air is reheated by passing through the condenser coil. The heat removed by the evaporator coil is returned to the air stream, resulting in warm, filtered dry air returning to your home. The Scanair is controlled by a digital PLC humidity controller which will be suitable for various applications like pharmaceutical compression process, Blister packing areas, Food powder packing areas, Welding electrodes storage, Dry herbal storage etc,. To avoid the problems caused by moisture, and create a comfortable environment, a dehumidifier is necessary to maintain relative humidity between 35-50% RH throughout the home. Only supplemental dehumidifying provides indoor humidity control regardless of air conditioner operation or outside moisture conditions.

Scanair room dehumidifiers are manufactured under GMP Standards the outer body and inner fabrications are made with SS 304, 316 L Grade material used as per customer requirements. These units can be used special application in the industry like pharmaceutical packing, Food powder packing areas. Scanair introduced new refrigeration multiple directional airflow technology used in the evaporator coil to get the maximum refrigeration capacity utilized in the system with lower power consumption and condenser heat ex-changer which facilitates the use of internally grooved enhanced high performance tubes and permits liquid to be circulated at higher velocity through the tubes resulting in greater heat transfer and higher operating efficiencies.

Humidity Control for Packaging Equipment Rooms

Frequently, the equipment used to package products will not function efficiently or properly if the surrounding air is humid. Candy wrapping machines and packaging machines for food powders or drug packets are typical examples. Something as simple as a cake mix becomes a double problem, not only does the powdery mix clump and not flow properly in humid conditions, but the packaging equipment is also hindered by the humidity.

Depending on the product, it may be necessary to dry the packaging room and even go to the extreme of providing a dry bath for storage bins or hoppers, especially where powders are used. In situations where packages are heat-sealed, a container’s own moisture content may adversely affect the adhesion of the sealing material being used. Here neither the product nor the machinery is directly responsible for the problem; instead, the moisture content of the package is the culprit. Surrounding the area with dry air is the solution, where our dehumidifiers are the excellent option for humidity control.

Dehumidifiers in Food Production

Dehumidifiers play a huge role in food production and preservation. When exposed to high relative humidity, such familiar foods as potato chips, dry breakfast cereals, and soda crackers exhibit an affinity for water. These and similar foodstuffs are manufactured using high temperature processes, so we expect that excess water has been driven off and the foods are dry. However, if these foodstuffs are allowed to remain exposed in a humid environment, even for a short time, they will absorb water from the surrounding air. Although the quality is not affected, these foods characteristically become soggy and rubbery-and generally not very appetizing. In processing such powdery foods as cocoa, gelatin, and dehydrated concentrates, the presence of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere can cause tiny particles of the powder to stick or cluster together, thus inhibiting their free flow in manufacturing or packaging processes.

Processing machinery also can be affected by moisture in the air, which can interfere with operation and obstruct the free and easy movement of the foodstuff. Obviously, when moisture can have such a profound effect on food and/or machinery, the solution lies in conditioning the air surrounding the processing and manufacturing area.

Room Dehumidifiers Application Areas

Room Dehumidifiers are widely used in the following areas, Pharmaceutical compression process, Blister packing areas, Food powder packing areas, Welding electrodes storage, Dry herbal storage, Drying Rooms, Capsule filling rooms, Tablet punching rooms.


Room Dehumidifier