Heatless Air Dryer

Compressed air is polluted with dirt particles, water, oil, vapor and condensate. These contaminants result in high maintenance costs, premature wear, spoiled products and the failure of control systems. The Scanair heatless air dryer will effectively remove these contaminants, compressed air is passed through a high-efficiency inlet filter which removes solid and liquid particles down to a size of 0.01 micron.  An automatic drain valve then removes the bulk liquid. After being filtered, the compressed air (which is still 100% saturated), is directed by an inlet switching valve into one of the cylinder which is filled with a moisture adsorbent desiccant material. To ensure even distribution through the cylinder, the desiccant is supported by a self-cleaning stainless steel support screen.

In heatless air dryer the drying pressure, the moisture in the compressed air is adsorbed by the desiccant material. Dried, clean air is then directed by an outlet check valve out into the pipe distribution system. As cylinder is drying the compressed air, cylinder B is being regenerated. This is achieved by passing a small amount of dry compressed air through a fixed orifice where it expands to atmospheric pressure, flowing through tower B in a counter-current direction to drying. The expansion from line pressure to atmospheric pressure allows the dried air to remove the moisture in the bed of tower B thereby drying (regenerating) the desiccant bed. This purged air then passes out through an exhaust valve and silencer.

Heatless air dryers plays vital role where the equipment used to package products will not function efficiently or properly if the surrounding air is humid. Candy wrapping machines and packaging machines for food powders or drug packets are typical examples. Something as simple as a cake mix becomes a double problem not only does the powdery mix clump and not flow properly in humid conditions, but the packaging equipment is also hindered by the humidity.

Depending on the product, it may be necessary to dry the packaging room and even go to the extreme of providing a dry bath for storage bins or hoppers, especially where powders are used.  In situations where packages are heat-sealed, a container’s own moisture content may adversely affect the adhesion of the sealing material being used. Here neither the product nor the machinery is directly responsible for the problem instead the moisture content of the package is the culprit. Surrounding the area with dry air is the solution.

Out Door Dehumidifier

100% outdoor dehumidification systems are designed and manufactured for demanding mechanical contractor, epoxy flooring contractor, sand blasting job environment, petroleum tanker inner painting areas, hospital ward mopping and cleaning process time environment drying applications widely used to solve your indoor, outdoor air quality problems. Scanair outdoor dehumidifier will maintain temperature and relative humidity as you desire these machines are portable means you can move them around where ever they are needed. It produces from 100 Cfm to 5000 Cfm air flow capacity and refrigeration capacity starts from 1 Ton To 10 Ton available. Options in supply voltage single phase 220 Volt 50 Hz or Three phase 440 Volt 50 Hz.

Application Areas of Dehumidified Dryers.

Dehumidified dryers are widely used in the following areas Wood drying, Leather Drying, Salt Drying, Laundry Drying, Latex Drying, Drying, Drying technology

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