Dry Storage Cabinet

Scanair Dry storage cabinet manufactured as per customer requirements, these cabinets are fabricated from galvanized steel, SS 304, SS 316 options. Dry Storage Cabinets reduce humidity level with the help of mini desiccant dehumidifier which is internally connected in the cabinet.  The dehumidified moisture proof cabinet are specially made system which incorporates three way desiccant cylinder rotating system which ensure the process of drying cylinder always connected to the inside of the cabinet for continuous drying, the other two cylinder will be on reactivation process with low watt heater the trace amounts of moisture will typically escape back in to the cabinet.  The other cylinder will be ready to continue to process the report moisture level which will not increase more than 4% all the time.

The internally mounted close loop humidity sensor will show you uniform humidity in digital displayed in front of the dry storage cabinet.  The mini desiccant dehumidifier sucks the air through the hepa media filtration systems capable of maintaining class 100 cleanroom standards and also ensure the GMP standard air distribution internal ducted air circulation system. Additional options such as audible alarms and light towers for notification during unexpected increases in humidity or when a dry storage cabinet door is left open unintentionally are available. As are various devices for making basic configuration changes inside of the cabinet.

Keep critical chemicals, samples, medicine and other dried materials in a controlled environment with dry storage cabinets. This method of storage can be used for any moisture sensitive agent, material or certified equipment. Some cabinet models utilize data collected from closed loop humidity sensors installed inside the cabinet to determine when and how long desiccant recycling times should be, based on a digitally selected user set point. Internal ducted air circulation system , door opening monitoring system with alarm feature. Each machine has it’s own digital RH controller to monitor and maintain a constant RH value. The system below is able to maintain 10% RH, Special glove cabinets are for certain bio-medical application whereby very low RH is needed for processing or packing humid sensitive items.

Dry Storage Cabinet Application Areas

Dry Storage Cabinets are widely used in storage of Critical chemicals, Samples medicine and other dried materials, Seed storage, Laundry applications and Dry fruit storages

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