Precision Air Conditioning System

Scanair Precision Air Conditioning System is a packaged unit that could perform reliably and meet the expectations of computer manufacturers. These specially developed packaged units were called precision air conditioners mainly based on the applications and to differentiate them from the normal comfort packaged air conditioners. Precision air conditioning systems are used in a wide range of applications such as Server rooms, Computer rooms, Data centers, Switch centers, Telecom shelters, Quality Control labs, Precision Manufacturing CNC Machine, Pharmaceutical industry, Medical equipment, Clean rooms and many more.

Precision Air Conditioning System for Server Rooms

Server rooms can be ideally air conditioned using precision air conditioning systems originally developed to meet the cooling requirements of large main frame computers. Precision air conditioners are different from standard air conditioners in the following ways:

  • Higher Cfm per Ton Air flow capacity
  • High sensible heat ratio
  • Suitable for continuous 24 hour and 365 day trouble free operation
  • Inbuilt options of heater, humidifier, dehumidification to control temperature and humidity simultaneously.
  • Microprocessor controls for close control on temperature and humidity with a user friendly interface.
  • Better air filtration like 10, 5 micron pre filters.

In many instances, moisture is detrimental to functioning electrical or mechanical devices.  Thousands of electrical relays may be threatened by pitting due to excessive arcing under high humidity conditions.  Also, the presence of water vapor may corrode the contact points of infrequently operated electrical contacts, resulting in poor closure of electrical circuits.  In extreme cases, there may be no closure at all.

Precision Air Conditioning System for Radar Stations

In other such places as radar stations and industrial applications, electronic equipment is also subject to loss of efficiency and high maintenance costs when exposed to humid conditions.  And for work environments containing computers and other data processing systems, humidity control is essential for assuring proper equipment function. Where practical, maintenance of dry enclosures may be necessary.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to condition the equipment itself, since electrical operating devices often are enclosed in their own metal cases.

Precision air conditioners were originally developed prior to the advent of PC’s when large main frame computers were used by corporations to cater to their business operational requirements. These large computers required reliable air conditioning systems capable of running round the clock, maintain very close control on environmental conditions.

Precision Air Conditioning System Application Areas

Server room cooling, Computer room cooling, Data center cooling, Switch center cooling, Telecom shelters cooling, Quality Control labs, Pharmaceutical industry, Medical equipment cooling, Clean rooms, Central air conditioning system, Heating ventilation air conditioning, Commercial air conditioning system


Precision Air Conditioning System