Portable Dehumidifiers

Scanair portable dehumidifiers manufacture under GMP Standards the total fabrication are made with SS 304, 316 L, and Grade materials as per customer requirements.  We introduce latest multiple cooling refrigerant injection technology incorporated evaporator coil will give optimum level moisture removal capacity with lower power consumption.  The capacity, power consumption starts from 250 Watts to 5000 Watts and air flow capacity from 40 Cfm To 2000 Cfm configurations, supply voltage Single phase 220Volt 50 Hz, Three phase 440 Volt 50 Hz options are available.

Scanair small portable dehumidifiers can be as effective as fixed units in most situations, but with several advantages. Being portable means you can move them around from room to room, where ever they are needed. These are also relatively cheap to buy.

The highly efficient and compact Scanair portable dehumidifiers utilizes refrigeration and internal air circulation to cool the incoming air stream below its dew point. After helping to cool the incoming air, the processed air is reheated by passing through the condenser coil. The heat removed by the evaporator coil is returned to the air stream, resulting in warm, filtered dry air returning to your home.

To avoid the problems caused by moisture, and create a comfortable environment, a dehumidifier is necessary to maintain relative humidity between 45-50% throughout the home. Only supplemental dehumidification provides indoor humidity control regardless of air conditioner operation or outside moisture conditions.

Portable Dehumidifiers Industrial Applications

Portable Dehumidifiers has wide industrial uses, especially pharmaceuticals, where the moisture absorption properties and characteristics of each pharmaceutical material will determine the optimum control level for processing and packaging.  In general, a dry, cool environment results in faster processing and greater product quality.  The majority of tableting operations require humidity levels between 35 and 45% RH.  If there is a question as to the ideal conditions for processing, the engineer might want to contact the manufacturer of the powder for specific recommendations. If this is not possible, it might be necessary to work with an independent laboratory that can perform moisture equilibrium analysis can determine the moisture absorption rates of the powder at different relative humidity levels.

Refrigeration-based dehumidification systems are more economical than desiccants at high temperatures and high moisture levels. In general, mechanical refrigeration systems are used for applications above 35% RH.

Portable Dehumidifiers are widely use in places that deals with Data Base & Record Storage, Health & Fitness Facilities, Powder / Spice Blending & Mixing, Food Processing Plants, Food Drying, Packaging Areas, Art Galleries, Records Storage, Film & Tape storage Areas.

Portable Dehumidifier