Cooling and Drying Conveyor

Scanair Cooling  and Drying conveyor  system is designed and manufactured as per customer requirements. These machines are generally used in food, chocolate, hot confectionery products, lithium battery, where hot on line product manufacturing conveyors has to be cooled faster and during conveying process. Scanair technically qualified engineering team will come and survey your plant and design them. We will provide cad drawings, after approval our drawings of the conveyor and refrigeration system will go for the production.

Our engineering team will study your product and recommend you suitable parameters like temperature, humidity, airflow and will be decided accordingly. The Scanair conveyor air conditioner will have a options available roof top mounted, standalone, portable, ductable, machines are new generation stylized built aesthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing.

Scanair Cooling and Drying conveyor system with large capacity tailor made units are designed to operate outdoors or indoors with larger capacities than the smaller interior oriented portable designs. The have capacities starting from 1 Tons to 25 Tons and higher static pressure blower motors. These units are all custom designed by Cooling and Drying Conveyor  system to serve a wide range of applications where large capacity, mobility, ease of use and high static blower motors allow flexibility in ducting the supply and return air outlets for efficient operation.

All tailor made Cooling and Drying Conveyor designs include programmable thermostat, LED control displays and convenient operational controls including phase monitoring for the 3 phase models.  These chillers are ozone friendly, packaged type, with user friendly operation system, have been used in all pharmaceutical, food manufacturing applications, particulate contamination is unacceptable this means are manufactured under GMP Standards. Therefore, it is important to include filters in the makeup air system in addition to the filters located in the main air handling system.  Makeup air not only is a great source of moisture, but it is also a great source of particulate contamination.

Scanair recommends that 30% efficiency pre-filters and a minimum of 55% efficiency final filters be located at the intakes of the makeup air and the system in order to reduce the amount of particulate that enters the system.  In addition, 30%, 55%, or 95% filtration should be arranged in series at the outlet of the system.  This will eliminate any residual particulate or dust from any upstream components.  HEPA filters can be placed at the end of the system in order to capture smaller particles located in the air stream prior to that air stream entering the conditioned space.

Cooling and Drying Conveyor Application Areas

Cooling and Drying Conveyor is widely used in Vegetables hydro cooling, On line food powder cooling, Hot die casting  mist cooling, Chocolate conveyor cooling, Hot confectionery products cooling, Lithium battery production, Hot on line product manufacturing, wood lamination process.

Cooling and Drying Conveyor