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The sole purpose of our existence is to provide thermal solution and management for industries

Scanair dehumidifiers are designed to dry raw material absolutely dry air with lowest dew point completely independent from the ambient condition. The drying and dehumidifying of hygroscopic materials like rubber, plastic, pharmaceutical raw material, foods as potato chips, dry breakfast cereals and soda cracker candies, seed drying, Herbal Drying and dry fruits much essential for manufacturing the perfect and high end products. We committed to manufacture fulfilled requirements with ultra modern technological integrated systems.

Scanair industrial air chillers, air handling unit, are engineered for demanding process cooling, Hygro Cooling, Blast Chilling, chocolate, Fruits Online cooling, heating, dehumidification, applications and incorporate the latest in industry leading designed uncontrolled. Package with enhanced features and high performance refrigeration components, our self contained air cooled and water cooled machines are extremely affordable. This ozone friendly equipment has been designed for many years of trouble free operation.

We present our range of products dehumidifier like portable dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, room dehumidifier, swimming pool dehumidifier, seed dryer, honey dryer, dehumidified dryer, heatless air dryer, desigant dehumidifier, humidifier, environmental stability test chambers, humidity chambers, humidity controlled chamber, dry storage cabinet, air chiller, precision air conditioning system, spot coolers, cooling and drying conveyor , mist cooling system, evaporative cooling systems, single skin air handling unit, double skin air handling unit, fresh air systems, exhaust air systems, ventilation systems, dust collectors, fume collectors, mist collectors etc.,

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Welcome to SANTHA ENGINEERING we established our brand SCANAIR is engaged in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment since 1996. The sole purpose of its existence is to provide thermal solution to the industry, over the years. Scanair has gathered a spectrum of knowledge with regard to application of the dehumidifying system, heating and cooling systems…

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We have a service network throughout the country to take care of all your requirements single source responsibilities cover including designing, manufacturing, and installation and servicing by experienced and competent engineers. We also provide technical assistance and effective solution based on user inputs and requirements. Knowledge gathered through Research and Development in Dehumidifier machines and…

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