Dehumidified Dryer

Hot air dryers are not able to remove moisture from within the pharmaceutical granule, for these materials a Dehumidifier Dryer is recommended. Scanair Molecular sieve dryers are one of the best methods of producing low dew point air temperature, as low as -50˚C which has the capacity to draw out the moisture from within the granule and absorb it into the molecular sieve. Properties of a molecular sieve has the ability to hold large quantities of moisture and other particles at a relatively low temperature and to be regenerated by heating for reuse.

Scanair dehumidified drier designed and manufactured for demanding plastics injection molding hopper drier, food and pharmaceutical powder feeding hopper applications. We incorporate the latest in the industry leading design and control, packaged with enhanced features and higher performance engineering components. Frequently, the equipment used to package products will not function efficiently or properly if the surrounding air is humid. Candy wrapping machines and packaging machines for food powders or drug packets are typical examples. Something as simple as a cake mix becomes a double problem not only does the powdery mix clump and not flow properly in humid conditions, but the packaging equipment is also hindered by the humidity.

Depending on the product, it may be necessary to dry the packaging room and even go to the extreme of providing a dry bath for storage bins or hoppers, especially where powders are used.  In situations where packages are heat-sealed, a container’s own moisture content may adversely affect the adhesion of the sealing material being used. Here neither the product nor the machinery is directly responsible for the problem, instead the moisture content of the package is the culprit.  Surrounding the area with dry air is the solution.

Scanair Dehumidified Dryers are aesthetically designed to ensure highest quality, and efficient drying for the toughest of the hygroscopic resins. specializes in designing a wide range of dehumidifying plastics dryers, granular type to remove moisture from the toughest of hygroscopic plastics resins. The unique closed loop design guarantees consistent low dew points ranging from – 40˚C to – 65˚C for the best results.

The Scanair Mould Dehumidification System is an example of the innovation, based on market needs. The system designed exclusively to prevent mould sweating and ensures increased production through reduced cycle times. A chilled water pre-cooling coil combined with the latest in desiccant technology ensures super dry air.  This prevents mould condensation on injection molding machine. Eliminates mould sweating, improves cycle time, reduces scrap rate, Increases mould life can supply dry air to multiple machines portable easy to handle.

Dehumidified Dryers Application Areas.

Dehumidified Dryers are widely used in the following areas Wood drying, Leather Drying, Salt Drying, Laundry Drying, Latex Drying, Ceramic Drying, Mattress Drying, Paint Shop Drying, Tumble Drier, Fish Drying, Spices Drying, Mango Drying, Dhal Drying, Meat Drying.


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