Spot Coolers

Spot Coolers

Scanair Spot Coolers are manufactured especially for spot cooling this can be used to dehumidify a building, dry out wet concrete or keep you likely at a comfortable temperature at working spots. Spot Coolers unit can be moved from room

Air Chiller

Scanair Air Chillers

Scanair Air chiller is engineered for demanding process of environment cooling applications and incorporates the latest in industry leading designed and control. Packaged with enhanced features and high performance refrigeration components our self contained air cooled and water cooled condensers

Dry Storage Cabinet

Dry Storage Cabinets

Scanair Dry storage cabinet manufactured as per customer requirements, these cabinets are fabricated from galvanized steel, SS 304, SS 316 options. Dry Storage Cabinets reduce humidity level with the help of mini desiccant dehumidifier which is internally connected in the

Humidity Controlled Chamber

Humidity Controlled Chambers

The complete solution for coordinating all the construction details for humidity controlled warehouses can be challenging.  Scanair Humidity Controlled Chamber makes the job much easier with one source service for panels, refrigeration and installation, if required.  Experienced sales and design personnel

Seed Dryer

Scanair Seed Dryer

Scanair Seed Dryer for seed and grain dehumidifying. The amount of moisture present in the seeds affects both the quality and the storability of the seeds during long and short term storage.  Generally, drying seeds to 4%-6% moisture content decelerates

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Scanair Swimming pool Dehumidifier designed and manufactured as per customer requirements. We produce stand alone Portable model units, Ductable ceiling suspended units, Indoor Floor Model units, Ductable out door installation units are available. Scanair Dehumidifiers are specially designed for high

Room Dehumidifier

Room Dehumidifiers

The highly efficient and compact Scanair room dehumidifier utilizes refrigeration and internal air circulation to cool the incoming air stream below its dew point. After helping to cool the incoming air, the processed air is reheated by passing through the