Scanair Honey Dryers


Scanair Honey dryer manufacturers in India  under GMP Standards the total fabrication are made with SS 304, 316 L, and Grade materials as per customer requirements Dealers through All states. We introduce latest multiple cooling refrigerant injection technology incorporated evaporator coil will give optimum level moisture removal capacity with lower power consumption.  The capacity, power consumption starts from 250 Watts to 5000 Watts and air flow capacity from 40 Cfm To 2000 Cfm configurations, supply voltage Single phase 220Volt 50 Hz, Three phase 440 Volt 50 Hz options are available. The Honey dryer exterior is constructed from Stainless steel SS304 grade finished in an easy clean mirror finished. Fitted with adjustable shelf runners, removable plated wire grid shelves and ventilation outlets. The insulated range of units give far greater temperature and Humidity control, allowing greater accuracy during the drying and warming process. The resulting reduction in energy requirements gives a performance saving of over 30% compared to other models, making them both highly efficient and very cost effective. The 100 and 250 liter models have sliding, through glass doors. The 500 and 1000 liter models have hinged toughened glass doors.



Drying Cabinet Heating

Heated by Heat pump Dehumidifier technology elements positioned in the design base of the unit. The 500 and 1000 liter models have HPD assistance as standard.



Drying cabinet controls

Honey Drying Process is The Honey dryer cabinet control through  direct reading thermostat with Humidity controlled PLC calibrated scale and tamper proof lock Dixell make Italy controller . The units also have a mains switch with indicator and heat indicator. As an option an extractor fan system can be fitted to the top of the 500 and 1000 liter units. This increases the through put of air and reduces the overall drying time. All standard drying cabinets operate on a single phase 220 volts mains supply.



How to remove moisture from Honey

The best method remove moisture from the Honey is Heat pump assisted Dehumidifier Scanair developed in India technology through Heat pump assisted Dehumidifier Cabinet   Honey from different native sources can have different moisture contents in India. Raw honey is around 23% and is perfectly good honey with this level of moisture. However, the raw honey will ferment at 23%. In fact even the moisture levels higher than 21%, other than the honey where this is permissible, is not fit long time storage sale. Honey is hygroscopic which means it can easily absorb moisture from the air around it. But if the air is dry then the honey will lose moisture thus improve its quality.

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