Portable Dehumidifiers

Scanair Portable Dehumidifiers manufacturers in Hyderabad under GMP Standards the total fabrication are made with SS 304, 316 L, and Grade materials as per customer requirements Dealers through Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam Vijayawada, Amravati, Kakinada, Nellore, Guntur, Tirupati, Rajhmundry, Srikakulam, Nizamabad, Kurnool, karim nager.We introduce latest multiple cooling refrigerant injection technology incorporated evaporator coil will give optimum level moisture removal capacity with lower power consumption.  The capacity, power consumption starts from 250 Watts to 5000 Watts and air flow capacity from 40 Cfm To 2000 Cfm configurations, supply voltage Single phase 220Volt 50 Hz, Three phase 440 Volt 50 Hz options are available.

Rapid technological advances in the pharmaceutical industry ensure the sound application of Portable Dehumidifiers in Hyderabad,Visakhapatnam,Vijayawada,Amravati, Kakinada, Nellore industries. These dehumidifiers are ozone friendly, packaged type have been designed for many years of trouble free operation. have focused attention on a vast number of moisture control issues.  For example, the presence or absence of a specific amount of moisture in the processing area may be required to grow certain organic cultures.  Or, the presence of moisture may be absolutely necessary for the manufacture of a particular drug.  Similarly, the absence of moisture may be equally imperative for the production of some other drug.  Strict control of moisture is a key factor in the manufacture of most drugs and medicines.As with foodstuffs, many materials used to produce pharmaceuticals have a physical affinity for moisture.  This can cause lumping or caking of powdered material.  Further, some powders that are bound into a capture or formed into a tablet under high pressures will adhere only when in a dry state, Humidity can cause a tablet to crumble, and in some cases, it can cause the drug to decompose and diminish in its therapeutic value.To assure consistently high quality drugs, the processing area and machinery must be surrounded by air whose dryness is accurately known and temperature, humidity controlled.

APPLICATION AREAS : Blister Packing Machine, Pouch Filling Machine, Printing Industries, Hospital Operation Theaters, Medical Equipments , MRI scan, CT scan, Pet Scan Rooms, pharmaceutical productions, Laboratories, R & D Labs, Food Processing Plants, Clean Rooms, Textile Plants, Food Drying, Packaging Areas.

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